Friday, October 8, 2010

The route for the 8 thousand observed votes act

Between today and tomorrow, the special elections juries (JEE) will receive this acts. Between candidates Villaran and Lourdes there are 31, 164 votes of diference, but 1million and a half yet to count frosen votes

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Amongst a lot of criticism to her work development, ONPE finished counting 4 days later, the valid acts . (Perú.21)

Within many critics to her labour, the ONPE presented last night the 100% of the acts processed (the ones without observations), which represent 73.81% of the counted acts (23,071), revealin that Susana Villarán still heads up with 38.49%, while her rival, Lourdes Flores, hangs close with. Mening, 31,164 votes of difference.

Now there are 26.19% of the acts to count (8,384 acts ) observed they say, which will be passed on to the judges elected for the Special Elections Jury in Lima Center, North, South, Easte and West so to take "descisions" over the 1.6 million votes inside those 8384 votation acts

ONPE inform they account a total of 4’340,098 votes, all belonging to their acts, this sufragists voted in Lima for their new Major Metropolitan elections and 42 district regionals representatives.

From 8,384 observed acts, 6,340 are unreadable or other observation as incomplete data, 1,898 have material mistakes and only 146 belong to "impugny votes".

The Special Electoral Jury Jurados Electorales Especiales (JEE) will resolve each act and, with proclaimed resolutions, notify "as soon as possible" to the interested pàrties.Time wise JEE center Lima says around 3 days.

If the resolutiojn does not satisfy one of the parties, this partie could appeal to JEEL in the next 3 days. In this case the booklet belonging to that act will go up to the JNE, which in another 3 days will resolve and have final say coming back to the uncentralized office of Electoral processes (ODPE) Lima centers for final addition.

If the acts have terrible mistakes, they become impugnation objects to the JEEL, and they are not something for appealin to thel JNE.

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the JEE gets request from Andina Transparency to witness this process, and OEA representatives.