Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I lived from the past 10 years in Peru
altough im a peruvian, im not a journalist,
but there are at this right precious  (6.10.10) moment  big "things"
cooking in the politician national ambience
that i believe the press needs to get inform
internationally , so to be there transparency
and justice...
and history can be changed by the
communications strenght..
 i do believe so
international press can help informing  about causes
when an injustice is about to happen

anywhere in the world

im thankin your time to read this...
please do forward it to the appropiate media
youknow or people

 help us

there has been major elections
in my city Lima, the central main capital city of Peru
please do check on this country...theres a big bubble
circunferating the "high life" of the 46% of the population
and the rest lives under poverty...

the politicians are altering elections, major of Lima elections,
they are hiding votes since sunday, saying it will be
for 2 weeks more still the results
and governmenet denaming someone privatly to count them

3 of october were the elections, we still dont have results
but my city smells fishy
and all the local press is bought...

except by this journalist whos got a tv show
and has almost been fired yesterday

el francotirador - jaime bayly

2 candidates lourdes flores nano and
susana villaran , the last one, the "city´s acclaimed" winner.
She haves some really modern and
pro the social awesome ideas, that the conservatory party
is against...
but im not here to convince your preference

the faschious president is also not diggin
her to win it..

im planning to hang the web, please do check it

for local news on elections check

its the over 100 year old only local newspaper
reliable, but its a bit the moment to the ppc group
Lourdes the "paying to win" groups candidate

...let me know if you can help
spread the news on...

thanks for the voice,
 i believe in people

i believe in the power of internet

reply to this if you need connections or links

we, the citizens as i read on my social networks, are sort of
not buying the FIASCO, but the press and most
of the media is all bought.. thats why we need
international support

here some links

do your research..and again thanx

no al fraude

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