Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elections on sunday

It can only happen in Peru. Alan Garcia,  the president and all of his allies plus the organization in charge of the elections transparecy called ONPe, with magdalena Chu presciding it, its hiding 1.5 million votes, from the total of 5 million voters that have choosen their major for Limas city on sunday. Being today thursday,  4 days later, we still dont have a major elected. It really smells funny...

All the marketing agencies with their well recognised polls, claimed the winner Susana Villaran from political party Fuerza Social, but even after the quick results done 4 hours later after the election closed, claiming susana villaran as the winner, her adversary Lourdes Flores Nano the presidents favorite, was considering herself a winner ("!"), her representative even said they are winning by the 3%.... ? .. something not understandable when all the press and marketing agencies were claiming susana villaran as the winner.
Hours went pass, and after a lot of strangely situations, as votes getting lost, percentages alterde,Magdalena chu, the ONPEs representative, said that the 21% of the votes have been held for observation.. leaving the results up to the 70% of the total votes saying  susana villaran  will be winning only by 0.8%.. and while the right PPC party of lourdes still celebrates and dances  the people smells fraud, as she even said 4 years ago, when the current president with this same lady chu presciding ONPE did it to her.
Now its her turn to do it to Susana...
There are 1.5 million votes being count by another delegation of electoral procedure which mysteriously was only created 3 days before the elections, what will it be like if they all of a sudden decide only to go in favour of lourdes votes-the presidents predilect candidate- and toss away all the other votes?

what of democracy? what of peoples choices,? what of the power of the union??
we claim for international organizations and press to be aware of this situation, and to help justice and democracy prevail.
no al fraude


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this is in the tv, someone hired by the actual major to boicot susanas candidature on the curfew of time where political propaganda is forbidden (the same day)