Sunday, November 21, 2010

A month later

looks like finally???

Can you people really believe this?
first i must apologize for the long absence, but pc crashed, something to do with a controlling telephone line black hand?? actually, some bloggers did got prosecuted, even jail i heard.. even Susana Villaran, got a trial for difamation going on, that called the attenion of the CIDH , Susana Villaran The elected major for Limas city- who i must tell you only gets the official credentials today, as you can read on the link-, a month later... no big deal on press.. nothing more to say about the hands that grab this election process... on this "tried to pull" scam..
What is more dangerous is the  political fiery race  that has enlarge for the presidential seat elections to be preceed april 2011, just now... i wander if the "black turtles" will handle peoples choices again..

Im happy,  i can feel this time justice was a winner
thanx for reading, and will be informing